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FEPPD in Slovenia

On January 31 and February 1, 2020, the Association of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia conducted the 4th Biennial Vocational Training Seminar with International Participation LABORATORY PROSTHETICS 2020.

This was the largest event for the professional public in the field of laboratory dental prosthetics on Slovenian soil. This year was especially glorious, since in 2020 they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the study program Laboratory Dental Prosthetics at the Faculty of Health at UL and the 20th anniversary of the Association of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia.

They managed to put together an interesting, diverse and quality program with 20 different performances by local and foreign lecturers. The seminar presented the latest techniques and guidelines of laboratory dental prosthetics. The event was organized within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Association of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics, who invited the FEPPD Board.

The occasion was also addressed by the President of the European Association of Dental Lab Owners and Independent Dental Technicians (FEPPD), Mr Laurent Munerot to speak on current professional issues for dental technicians across Europe in front of the assembly.

The President and Board members FEPPD would like to thank the Association of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia for having made possible the visit to Slovenia.

The FEPPD Board has appreciated a lot participating in this successful Seminar, by which it was possible for them to reach out to their members over the importance of being affiliated within FEPPD, demonstrated their activity, and what wthey stand for.

1. Mrs. Polona Mežan, Senior Consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Small Business and Trade / Private sector representative : 2. Mr. Miran Forjanič, the President of Assiciation of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia 3. Mr. Franc Rojko, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Assiciation of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia 4. Mrs. Mirjana Zagoričnik, the Vice-President of Assiciation of Laboratory Dental Prosthetics of Slovenia / Public sector representative : 5. Mrs. Doroteja Hren, the Head of dental technicians, Dental Clinic in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Further, the meeting with the Board on Friday afternoon and the Slovenian representatives of the profession, was fruitful as the participants interacted in many areas of common concern to both parties.
The positive spirit of collaboration, with a future perspective to consolidate all the good work by the Slovenian Organisation in the past at FEPPD, will hopefully have a tangible success for both entities.

On Saturday 1 February, the FEPPD Board met to discuss current events and issues.

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