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COVID-19 / Flash Survey
The Coronavirus epidemic is having a major impact on the country’s economic activity. In order to have a precise and enlightened vision of the consequences of this crisis on companies, FEPPD has set up a flash survey among the professional organisations of the
different countries. The answers provided will enable us to provide the best possible support and help organisations overcome this unprecedented crisis.
They will also constitute a valuable and indispensable data to prepare for the post-crisis COVID-19 period in the most favourable conditions possible for a revival of the economic activity.
We would like to thank the organizations (Delaco Belgium, Slovak Chamber of Dental Technicians, HKDM Croatia, Confartigianato -Italy, Komora zubních techniků ČR, Malta Dental Technologists Association M.D.T.A., Sveriges Tandteknikerförbund, Branchevereniging Tandtehcniek, UNPPD – France and Lab Dent Luxembourgeoise) that took the time to complete this questionnaire.


  • Belgium : Some yes, some no…
  • Croatia : Yes
  • Czech Republic : No
  • France : Yes, the dental laboratories were forced to cease all activity since the 17th March because the dental offices were forced to close on the injunction of the Council of the national order of dental surgeons
  • Italy : Yes
  • Luxembourg : Yes
  • Malta : Very low work input as Dental Clinics are only doing emergency care.
  • Netherlands : Dental practices were closed for non-emergency care from March 16 to April 22, resulting in hardly any new work for labs
  • Norway : Since the lockdown of Norway 12 March, Dental technicians almost ceased working from that date with only emergency work being carried out. The same procedure applied to the dentists, so we had very little work. From 20 April we, and the dentists, could resume working but under a strict infection regime. Still work is slow but gradually getting better as the dentist are working more “normally” now.
  • Slovakia : Yes, open only labs providing emergency services
  • Sweden : No

  • Belgium : We have to close if it is not possible to hold the measures, but if dentists doesn’t work, we don’t have work
  • Croatia : Goverment give support (around 540 Eur) for every employee according to contract of employment.
  • Czech Republic : Movement restrictions, wearing masks, max 2 people at the same place, only shops with food, drugstores, pharmacies could be opened
  • France : The population was put in confinement, all but the most basic shops had to close. The government has put in place many aids for businesses
  • Italy : The Italian government has set aside money for both citizens and business
  • Luxembourg : Movement restrictions, masks wearing only food drugstores and pharmacies are open
  • Malta : Partial lockdown in Malta, people over 65 are obliged to stay home, social distancing, and the population is invited to stay home as much as possible. Restaurants, Cafes, hairdressers and other non essential businesses are closed down. Airport and seaports closed. Immigration centers under prolonged quarantine.
  • Netherlands : Stay at home & work from home if possible
  • Slovakia : Small financial support for each lab by the government
  • Sweden : On March 19, Sweden closed its borders and stopped « unnecessary » trips into the country from countries outside the EEA and Switzerland. The decision on public gatherings with a maximum of 50 persons began to apply on 29 March. This applies to all gatherings – weddings, graduation parties and funerals. Anyone who violates the new rules risks fines or imprisonment, according to the government. From 1 April a visitor ban was introduced on all of Sweden’s elderly homes. Colleges, adult education and universities are recommended by the government to introduce distance education.

  • Belgium : No
  • Croatia : Yes, approximate
  • Czech Republic : Yes
  • France : The dental practices and the dental laboratories are open again since the 11th May
  • Italy : We are still waiting for decisions
  • Luxembourg : Movement restrictions, masks wearing only food drugtores and pharmacies are open
  • Malta : No date available as yet, Government wants a scientific based opinion to return to normality.
  • Netherlands : Dental practices are open again, but that does not mean that everything is back to normal. Need to catch up and patients are afraid to come
  • Slovakia : No
  • Sweden : No

  • Czech Republic : kurzarbeit (support for employment), financial support for self-employed
  • France : Several grants have been created for businesses, craftsmen and certain medical professions. The partial activity of employees is paid for by the State. Banks grant loans at reduced rates. There was also the possibility of deferring repayments, social security charges, rents…
  • Italy : The dental technicians are in talks with the bank
  • Luxembourg : 80% salaries costs were taken over the balance from the last months will be checked and if necessary , it will have to be paid back. A first aid from 5 000 € has been according to all small business exept Dental Labs. The second according about 5 000 € includes Dental Lbs to.The reason Dental Technician is not an endangered profession because no contact with the patients.
  • Malta : Officially our category does not fall under the list of businesses qualifying, but we have been invited to apply to give our justified causes. Wage supplement is euro 800.00 a month with a top up of 400.00 for employees by their employer.
  • Netherlands : Employers can make use of the wage compensation scheme, but of course does not cover all costs.
  • Slovakia : 80% refound of employees wage, part of lost profits for small businesses
  • Sweden : Reduced employer fees. Short term permits. To some extent rental support.

  • France : Our organisation stayed by the side of the dental technicians during the whole period of confinement to provide them with information about the aids and how to put their employees on short-time work and try to limit the damage. Many laboratories are afraid that they will have to close within the next 6 months if economic activity does not restart quickly.
  • Italy : All laboratories are closed, even dentists being stopped except for urgent cases
  • Luxembourg : Up from the 04.05 .2020 Labs are open
  • Malta : Most private labs and dental technicians are idle most of the time as only repairs and few new removable dental devices are coming in.
  • Netherlands : Branchevereniging Tandtechniek has conducted research among its members on April 1 and May 1. Sales declines to 100% in April, work is not yet underway
  • Slovakia : Terrible situation like in whole of Europe, majority of labs are closed because dentists don´t work. If dentists work, they don´t do any prosthetics.
  • Sweden : Most companies have lay off parts of the employees. Order intake has dropped by 50% or more. Most public dentists only perform emergency care.

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