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FEPPD, the European Federation for Dental Lab Owners and Independent Dental Technicians, is fully aware of the risks brought about by the CONVID-19 pandemic especially in relation to the exercise of its member’s day to day dealing with dental impressions and other dental devices.

Although it is expected that cross-infection procedures were already in place before this Virus reached the European continent, never as before it is requested the best practices between Dental Clinics and Dental Laboratories in fact of securing the highest levels of disinfection, to be absolutely observed meticulously.

It is in the interest of both professions that safety is paramount for the well being of all practitioners and their loved ones given the extreme danger posed by the fast transmission of the said virus and the severe health implications it exposes to
anyone infected by it.

Likewise, it is in the interest of all stakeholders in the dental industry, that by keeping a clean sheet of no infection incidents to third parties, at the end of the CONVID-19 saga, dental patients will keep returning for our services with confidence.

Although precautionary information to safeguard everyone’s health is already available on all forms of media, we invite everyone in our sector to divulge further in all workplaces and by all means possible, effective and practical notices for the sole scope to combat the spread of this virus.

It is expected that the whole dental sector will be impacted by a slowdown from its usual activity as until this pandemic is over, Health Authorities are advising clinics to deal solely with emergency cases, rendering many services to a standdown.

Common sense in dealing with the present situation, a total back to basics approach plus a commitment by one and all of the correct civil behaviour, will ensure us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Secretary general FEPPD

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