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Symposium 2018

“The realities for the dental technician in the EU market. Present and future perspectives »

The European Federation of Dental Prosthetist Patrons organised its SYMPOSIUM on 26 April in Brussels at the Residence Palace, a stone’s throw away from the European Commission.

Members of professional organisations and other interested parties came from all European countries to participate.

The topic of this Symposium entitled « THE REALITIES FOR THE DENTAL TECHNICIAN IN THE EU MARKET. PRESENT AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES » was attended by numerous speakers, personalities who each came to present in their fields of expertise.

The various fields of interest and current events were addressed: legal, scientific and of course the political aspect and also the impact of European regulations on dental laboratories.

« The FEPPD, the organisations we represent and dental technicians throughout Europe have always been committed to working for the patient’s health and safety.

We are not only performers, dental technicians love what they do, love their work and are always attentive to satisfying the patient both aesthetically and functionally.

Today we have reached a stage where each organisation, and the FEPPD in the first place, is aware that if we want to make further progress, patients or future patients must know how their dental prosthesis is manufactured. They must be informed that they are produced in cooperation with the dental surgeon and that it is indeed a qualified professional, that has been trained and continues to be trained, who manufactures dental prostheses.

In the background of the dentist’s prescription, the dental technician uses a whole set of advanced techniques to create the patient’s new smile.

It is for this reason that the FEPPD has decided to create the first European Dental Technicians Day. Each country will be able to make our trade discoverable through open doors of schools, laboratories, through films on social networks or meetings.

Throughout Europe, there are passionate dental technicians who, with their professional organisations, donate time to defend and promote their profession. The FEPPD Board and I would like to thank all the speakers who participated in this Symposium and who came to share their vision for the future during this day.

We all love our profession and we all wish to exercise it in the best conditions. These speakers may have different opinions on how the future will be, how to guide our profession and our daily practice, but what emerges from this Symposium is the passion for what we will do, even with the upheavals that await us. »

Laurent Munerot President of the FEPPD

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