Celebration of the FEPPD’s 65th Anniversary

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Celebration of the FEPPD’s 65th Anniversary


On the occasion of its 65th anniversary, FEPPD organised an event during the International Dental Show 2019 in Cologne.
In front of its members, partners (Ivoclar Vivadent, Henry Schein, Inc., 3Shape, Bredent group International, GC Europe…) and organisations in the dental sector (ADDE, FIDE, CEDentists …), the Federation reaffirmed its positions on transparency, competences and patient safety.
The 65th anniversary was also a convivial moment of exchange between dental technicians enthusiasts about the future of dental prosthesis laboratories in Europe.


Laurent Munerot, Président (France), presents the missions pursued by FEPPD

Is to represent and promote dental laboratories at European and international level,

  • to protect and respect national professional characteristics,
  • to maintain and develop relations between dental prosthetist associations in Europe,
  • to represent the organisation to European governmental and institutional organisations,
  • to develop and harmonize the training and education of dental technicians…


It is important to join forces to pool resources and expand one’s strenghts and consolidate our political position.
At European level is indeed the place where it is essential to intervene to defend our interests in relation to the decisions that govern the life of our companies.
The interest for organisations in different countries is obvious when a case such as cobalt arises : if, in a few days’ time, a decision is taken on the alleged hazards of cobalt for patients or for technicians in laboratories, the FEPPD will have been present to inform the European authorities of the consequences of such a decision on the economy of our dental sector with benefits that are difficult to appreciate, in contrast to the alleged minor consequences for patients.
FEPPD will be able to participate and influence standardisation work of this type.


It is important that the dental industry can speak with one voice to distributors, manufacturers, dentists and of course dental technicians.
We must continue the work undertaken with ADDE, FIDE and the other Stake holders to challenge the policies and administrative bodies of the European Commission with a single voice, representing and reconciling the interests of all parties involved, which is most important.


A general overview of the Dental Technicians and dental Labs state of play across Europe, based on statistical comparisons from 2014 and 2019 by FEPPD, and that of ADDE’s survey of 2017.
Although statistics reflect positive or negative cycles, according to business and geopolitical situations, FEPPD remains committed to help its members to regain the lost ground and help them to return to there habitual status.

Pierre Zammit, Secretary general (Malta), presents the 2019 FEPPD Survey


While our profession is undergoing technological change, dental technicians have a training challenge to overcome.
FEPPD will work with all its members to harmonize programmes for quality education.

Mirjana Zagoričnik, FEPPD member (Slovenia), presents the new Education survey


Thanks to the work of FEPPD, the new MDR regulation provides for the mandatory delivery of the certificate of conformity to patients. We will stand firm on our position and insist that in each European country this decision be fully implemented.
The European Dental Laboratory Unit must be applied in this case so that patients are properly informed about the origin of the manufacture of their medical devices and so that our organisations can fight more effectively against unfair competition from countries with low labour costs.

Antonio Ziliotti, Vice President (Italy)


Since SMEs form the core of most of Dental Labs in Europe, FEPPD recently joined membership within SBS, the Small Business Standards, an entity supported by the Commission that establishes business Standards for the specific benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises.
At SBS we have been entrusted to see to the proper application of the MDR, since the new Regulation is proving to be difficult to be understood and applied by many a member State.


FEPPD, the largest representative body for Dental Laboratory owners and Independent Dental Technicians in Europe, is proposing to dedicate an event to be held on every calendar year, in all E.U. states, for the promotion of our profession as service providers to the European dental Patient.
The Dental Technician Day to be celebrated in June, will be the platform from which we intend to promote our profession in modern technological applications, for the direct attention of the dental patient.
The ultimate goal, being that of exposing our trade, profession and services, which until now most dental patients are not aware that it is the Dental Technician that provides for their new functional dental device and the confidence that comes with perfect aesthetic solutions to every individual.

Gilbert Weis, Treasurer (Luxembourg)


FEPPD must inform the dental laboratories about their responsibility :

  • That the work is performed according to the instructions and the manufacturer’s manual
  • Safe and correct design with accepted methods and skills
  • Declaration “what have you done, with what materials and technology”
  • Operating Instructions (if applicable)
  • Deviations, complaints and side effects
  • Risk analysis and reporting…

FEPPD continues to work on solutions to support the daily work of dental technicians and to ensure patient safety.

Patrik Jonson, Board member (Sweden) presents Strukture, the swedish Quality System Management


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